Berlin 2014

“Urban Ornaments” Exhibition and Roundtable Discussion at the Gallery Urban Spree November 2, 2014 5pm

Artists: Ruthe Zunz, Bence Bakai, Viktor Hodobay, Péter János Novák
Organized by Ayse Erek, Eszter Gantner and Juli Székely (TACT) in co-operation with Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies (Humboldt University of Berlin)

urban-ornaments-announcementAn ornament – originating from the Latin “ornare” – signifies a material element that is added to a structural form through the process of adornment or decoration. The notion was primarily used within the field of architecture, however, the concept of ornaments also became to encompass a much broader understanding: social and political considerations are now essential parts of ornaments. Similarly, in the case of urban ornaments, our intention is not solely to refer to decorated buildings or issues of architecture, but to the ways urban ornaments make urban ambiguities visible. Identifying itself with this latest turn of the interpretation of the ornament, the exhibition uses Adolf Loos’ provocative text “Ornament and crime” (1908) as a starting point. The photographic works displayed at the exhibition, thus, not only aim to reflect the Loosian argument from a contemporary perspective, but also try to shed light on the various – political, social and artistic – logic behind the aestheticization of urban space.