London 2016

New Monumentality, Neo-Modernism and Other Zombie Urban Utopias
FRINGE Centre, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL & Global Studies Program, The New School, New York
June 10-11, 2016





Registration & Coffee — 8:30 am

Welcome & Introduction — 9 am
•  Alena Ledeneva (Director, SSEES FRINGE Centre): On Fringers, Fringeists and Fringeism
•  Michał Murawski (UCL SSEES) and Jonathan Bach (New School): Re-Centring the Fringe

Keynote — 9:15 am – 10 am
•  Vladimir Paperny (UCLA): Discovering the Hidden Side of Architecture

Session 1 — 10:15 am – 11:30 am — Zombie Socialism I (Moscow)
Chair: Michał Murawski (UCL SSEES)
•  Andreas Schönle (Queen Mary Russian): The Post-Post-Socialist Condition in Moscow: Centripetal Nostalgia in the Re-Purposing of VDNKh
•  Dasha Paramonova (Strelka Architecture, Moscow): From Unique to Public in 20 Years. Moscow Architecture After the Soviet Union
•  Clementine Cecil (Director, Pushkin House, founder of Moscow Architecture Preservation Society): Fortress City: The Hegemony of the Moscow Kremlin

Session 2 — 11:45 am – 1 pm — Zombie Socialism II (Palaces & Castles/Warsaw & Berlin)
Chair: Wendy Bracewell (UCL SSEES)
•  Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (Oxford) & Jonas Tinius (Humboldt University, European Ethnology): Appropriating Universal Centrality: Containing the World in Berlin’s New Humboldt Forum
•  Jonathan Bach (New School): The Palace and its Doubles
•  Michał Murawski (UCL SSEES): Palatial Communism in Warsaw and Beyond

Lunch break* — 1 pm – 2 pm

Session 3 — 2 pm – 3 pm — Zombie Socialism III (Imagining Berlin & Warsaw)
Chair: Uilleam Blacker (UCL SSEES)
•  Aleksandra Polisiewicz (artist, Warsaw): Wartopia Warsaw: Simulations of the Imagination
•  Lorenzo Tripodi (artist/researcher, Ogino Knauss): Reimagining Berlin: The Center as Global Space of Exposure

Session 4 — 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm — Dreams & Ideologies
Chair: Elizaveta Butakova (UCL Art History)
•  Owen Hatherley (London): Constructivism For and Against the Metropolis: From Gosprom to the Green City
•  Heike Oevermann (TU Berlin): Negotiating Urban Space: Interventions, Conflicts and the Dream of Horizontal Planning
•  Douglas Murphy (London): The Infinite Interior: Dreams of Universal Space and its Uneven Realisation

Session 5 — 4:45 pm – 6 pm — Special Spaces? Enclaves and Zones
Chair: Jonathan Bach (New School)
•  Patrick Neveling (Utrecht University, Anthropology): What Holds the Centre? Panama, Shannon, and the Spectre of Normal Capitalism in Not-So-Special Economic Zones
•  Hilary Wainwright (Transnational Institute, London; Editor, Red Peppermagazine): Red Cities as Radical Enclaves
Łukasz Stanek (Manchester School of Architecture): Lagos Central (Sovereign Geometries)


Registration & Coffee — 9:30 am

Session 6 — 10 am – 11:30 am — The Edifice Complex: Verticality Revisited
Chair: Victor Buchli (UCL Anthropology)
•  Vyjayanthi Rao (Terreform New York): Verticality, Post-Socialism and Re-Structuring in Mumbai
•  Andrew Harriss (UCL Geography): Infrastructural Visibility: The Political Performance of Vertical Transport Projects in Contemporary Mumbai
•  Tom Wolseley (UCL Urban Lab artist-in-residence): Vertical Horizons: The Shard, Wealth and Identity (a film in progress)
•  Steve Graham (Newcastle): Vanity and Violence: The Politics of Contemporary Skyscrapers

Session 7 — 11:45 am – 1:15 am — Hintercentres
Chair: Clare Melhuish (UCL Urban Lab)
•  Pushpa Arabindoo (UCL Geography): Chennai: The New Geographies of Hinterland
•  Max Sternberg (Cambridge Architecture): Reinvented Centres on the Periphery? Constructing Shared Heritage in German-Polish Border Towns
•  Natalia Romik (UCL Bartlett): Post-Shtetl: Spectral Transformations and Architectural Challenges in the Periphery’s Bloodstream
•  Laura Colini (artist/researcher, Ogino Knauss): “Re:Centring Periphery”: Navigating the Space of the Fringe

Lunch break*— 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

Session 8 — 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm — Morphologies of Monumentality
Chair: Peter Zusi (UCL SSEES)
•  Wendy Pullan (Cambridge, Architecture): The Fragmenting Centre: Partisan Monuments and the Question of Rights
•  Yevgenia Belorusets (Kyiv, artist): Let’s Put Lenin’s Head Back Together Again!
•  Adam Kaasa (Director, Theatrum Mundi, RCA): Domestic Monumentality: Scale and Affect in the Modern City

Session 9 — 3:45 pm – 5 pm — Axis Mundi: The New Sacred
Chair: Akosua Bonsu (UCL SSEES)
•  James Noyes (UCL PACE): Sacred Space in the Cityscape: Regulation, Reduction, Destruction
•  Jennifer Mack (Uppsala, Anthropology): Religious Austerity: Building the Sacred in the Secular City
•  Kuba Snopek (Wrocław): Architecture of the Seventh Day: The Late Socialist Sacred in Poland

Closing Session — 5:15 pm – 6:30 pm — Explosion: Control & Resistance in the Epicentre
Chair: Jan Kubik (Director, UCL SSEES)
•  Mona Abaza (American University in Cairo): The Tale of two Cities Retold: After the Event, Enduring Cairo
•  Joy Gerrard (London, artist): Image as Mirage: Protest Crowd and Precarious Freedom
•  Oleksiy Radynski (Visual Culture Research Centre, Kyiv): First We Talk About Sentsov and Kolchenko, Then We Talk About the Rest

Closing Remarks — 6:45 pm – 7 pm
•  Michał Murawski (UCL SSEES) and Jonathan Bach (New School)