Berlin calls forth a visual and poetic experience. I usually explore the city step by step in order to catch the play of light and shades of colour, trying to capture the relationship between reality and imagination – depth of field, reflections, contrasts, variations contribute to defining an imaginary line. The geometry of perspective and the materiality of the city are the basic procedures by which I give shape to space. 

Through complex visual combinations, the city becomes a dramatic scene. For instance, shadows and lights on statues by theaters, churches and public buildings give a living effect to immobility (5, 16 and 17). Windows and doors are pathways of thought when they provide depth to the field (3) or when shadows and lights contrast in the water of a fountain (2). For sure, walking “is the indefinite process of being absent and in search of a proper [space]” (Michel De Certeau).

Titles of the pictures

1. Alone
2. The fountain
3. Three lights
4. Open space
5. A helping hand
6. Out of order
7. Kafka’s office
8. Rimbaud’s garland
9. This is not a painting
10. “Oh! me”
11. Little Italia
12. Blue tubes 1
13. Blue tubes 2
14. A historical viewpoint – from the outside
15. Olympus in Berlin
16. Ode to Murakami – on metaphor, space and history
17. Le penseur des Lumières
18. Le train bleu
19. Eyes in the night

Christophe Foultier is a lecturer and Postdoctoral researcher in urban sociology at Linköping University. He carried out pluri-disciplinary studies, including social and urban diagnoses in deprived areas, urban contract assessments, and research in housing policy for vulnerable social groups (young people, families, elderly). His research analyses local development strategies in Europe, in order to understand how they articulate, against the general backdrop of distrust, a potential of social and civic mobilization as well as systems of control and security. Beside his inquiries into cities[MO1] , everyday observations give the opportunity to question, explore and experiment. Photography is a constant source of creativity, in addition to writing, reading, music, cooking.


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