TACT’s work is featured in EuropeNow


A Special Feature, Contemporary Urban Research in the European City

  • Introduction by Nicole Shea and Eszter Gantner


  • “Industrial Heritage, Historic Architecture, and Today’s Transformations of Cities” by Heike Oevermann
  • “Absences and Excesses in the Memory Politics of Budapest after 1989” by Juli Székely
  • “Historical Layers and Cultural Intimacy: An Ethnographic Case Study of Kontula” by Pekka Tuominen
  • “What Begins at the End of Urban Tourism, As We Know It?” by Christoph Sommer
  • “Public Spaces, Urban Heritage, and Politics” by Cor Wagenaar
  • “Linked by Research Berlin and St. Petersburg” by Eszter Ganter
  • “From Tactical Urban Interventions to Strategic Ones: Berlin and St. Petersburg” by Oleg Pachenkov and Lilia Voronkova
  • “Commoning in Action: Walking in St. Petersburg, Urban Gardening in Istanbul” by Ayse Erek


  • “Migration, Integration, and Heritage in the ‘European City:’ An Interview with Wolfgang Kaschuba” by Eszter Gantner

Visual Art

  • “Unseen,” an art series curated by Nicole Shea


  • “City of the Future”: Built Space, Modernity, and Urban Change in Astana, reviewed by Adrien Fauve
  • Shopping Towns Europe: Commercial Collectivity and the Architecture of the Shopping Centre, reviewed by Alejandro J. Gomez-del-Moral
  • Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece by Devin E. Naar


  • Excerpt from What We Owe by Golnaz Hashemzadeh Bonde, translated from the Swedish by Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Campus Spotlight: University of Helsinki

  • “Urban Research in Europe: An Interview with Pekka Tuominen” by Ezter Gantner

Editor’s Pick

  • Crime and Punishment in Russia: A Comparative History from Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin by Jonathan Daly
  • The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy D. Snyder

More info: https://www.europenowjournal.org/issues/issue-17-may-2018/


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